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Malala's Scrapbook

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I grew up in a nice house, with a loving family, and in a caring school. One day, some men come and start telling us what to do, such as things like you must wear these dresses, you must not leave the houes without your husband, and so on. Most importantly though, young girls may not be educated! I was so furious, I started sneaking off to school with my friends. A few weeks later, I wished I could just walk the streets like a regular person, witout having to hide behind walls and signs, so one day I started to protest. The longer I protested though, the larger the danger was for me with the Talibans. One day I was on the bus and heading home, when several armed men loaded. After their eyes scanned the crowd, the guns were all aimed at me. The last thing I remember was a searing pain in my head and shoulder. When I wake up, I find myself in a bed, with cords and wires all over me. Later, a nurse comes in and explains everything to me. I am in a hospital in Europe, and that I was in a coma for several weeks. The doctors here had done many surgeries to save my life, and that my parents were on their way. A few weeks later, my family arrives. They discharge me from the hospital, and I continue life as a regular girl. The only thing that has changed for me, was that we moved to Europe, and I was allowed to go to school like a regular girl.

1. Freedom to show our faces2. Freedom to be educated3. Freedom to walk streets alone4, Freedom to wear our own clothes

Women's Rights

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1. My dad owned the school I attended2. I won the Nobel Piece Prize3. During one of the surgeries, the doctor had to cut off some of my skull, and they placed it in my stomach for safe keeping4. I could not smile or close one of my eyes, so I had to do many physical therapy classes to strengthen the muscles to blink and smile

Fun FactsAbout Me

I believe that anybody should be allowed to attend school, no matter the color or gender. If you believe in something, I think that you should try to protect that beleif. Mabye, you could save something really important to you, like I did. I was able to save my education! Think of what you could do!

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Book Title: I Am MalalaAuthor: Malala Yousafzai


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