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Malakai & Lucas

"Bridge to Terabithia"

Janice Avery was bullying kids, so Jesse and Leslie wrote a note to pay her back for bullying kids. The note was fake, and Janice Avery cried when the boy said no.

Jesse and Leslie help Janice Avery stop crying. They talked to her about the problems in her life.



Leslie Burk has these quilities,courages, caring,fast,and smart

Main characters

The setting of Bridge to Terabithia would be outside because they were mainly going to Terabithia and the time period would be in the 70's and they also live in the country.


Jess Aarons has these qualities strength, respectful,fast, and creative

The main idea of this story would be about Jesse and Leslie's freindship, and they have a tight bond. Another reason that Jesse and Leslie have a tight bond is because they spend a lot of time together. one more reason that Jesse and Leslie have a tight bont is because Jesse and Leslie stick up for each other.

The theme of the story would be what goes around comes back around because Janice Avery was being mean to people so Jesse and Leslie wrote her a note about a boy and it wasn't a true note so Janice Avery was sad that the boy said no.

Main Idea


We liked the book because it was really funny and sad. Jesse and Leslie played with each and had a lot of fun, and the sad part was when Leslie died.



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