Malaika S

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Malaika S

Land and Climate The land in grasslands are full of grass. In grasslands the grass can be very diffirent looking, this is because there are diffirent kinds of grasses.Sometimes you see tall grasses, and sometimes you see small grasses, you even might see mixed hieghts. The climate thier cun be hot or cold. At some grasslands thier are hot summers and hot winters others might have cold winters and cold summers and some places there mixed.




CoypuAlso called nutria, these animals are big semi aquatic rodents with webbed hind feet and nonwebbed front feet. Coypu's range up to 3 feet and weigh up to 35 pounds, they are also herbivores. They usually live in marsh like areas and use thier back feet to swim.

KakopoA kakapo is the only flightless and nocturnal parrot. Kakopo lives in new zealand and is an endangered speices. They are also herbivores.

WombatThis is a rare marsupial found in Austrailia and Tasmania. Wombats are the biggest burrowing animal and are herbivores.

Big Bluestem grass

Stinging Nettle


PlantsBig Bluestem Grass-Also known as turkey feet, this plant grows as high as ten feet.Stinging Nettle-This plant is covered with acid which burnes the human skin when touched, the burn feels like a stinging sensationFleabane-Often confused by daisies, tis plant can be burn't and used to keep the fleas away.

Miscellaneous facts~Grasslands occupy 22%-25% of the earths surface.~Grasslands have two seasons, winter and summer~Some people make fires to burn down the grass if it gets to tall~All over the world grasslands are called diffirent names, here are some of the names:cerrados, ilanos, pampus, prairies, rangelands, savannas and steppes



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