Making the Impossible Possible

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Making the Impossible Possible

How It Works

Oh one-sided bridge, oh one-sided bridge, oh how we love you one-sided bridge. You show us ways to get across, blocks neatly stacked so we don't fall. Oh one-sided bridge, oh one-sided bridge, don't take away our favorite bridge.

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One-Sided Bridge

The diagram shows what a bridge made out of a pegs would look like. The overhang is an inconvenience, but can easily be solved with a slide or a nice parachute down.

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The hangover equation explains the positioning of each block in a harmonic sequence where n is the term in the pattern (the position of the block in the bridge) and d of n is how far from the starting object you would have to place the block.

The Math Behind the One-Sided Bridge

by Adrienne Kueberuwa, Ayanna Ellsworth, and Jennifer Akanoh

How does a 3,000 pound plane stay in the air? How does a bee fly? How do you ride a bike with square wheels? But most importantly, how do you build a one sided bridge?

Math is Everywhere!Whether it's from telling the time to measuring your height, math can be used to solve problems in your everyday life.

Making the Impossible Possible

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The person would keep building the bridge on one side in this fashion using the forumla to the right until they are directly over the other side of whatever they are trying to go over. Once this is done they can slide down a log or jump depending on how far off the ground they are.

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