Making Skiing and Snowboarding Better

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Making Skiing and Snowboarding Better

Spinoffs in my ENVIRONMENT 1.Home: Water Filter2. School: Computer Mouse3. Enviroment: Solar Panels

The spinoff example at school is the computer mouse. It works when you move it accross the table or click on something from the computer screen. It will send a signal to the computer so it functions properly. It also uses a cursor in the computer to control the movement of the computer mouse.

An example of a spinoff at home is a waterfilter. It works when filter uses technology which combines coconut-based activated carbon with ion exchange resin in a BPA free housing. These materials work together to reduce chlorine taste and odor, zinc, and harmful contaminants such as copper, mercury and cadmium.

The spinoff example in the enviroment is solar panels. It works by absorbing the light from the sun and turning it into electricity. Then it travels to a powerplant, then to your home for anyone to use. Even though an nonrenewable material to make it. It uses a renewable material.

A NASA spinoff is something that NASA used in space and made it into some thing useful on Earth. For example, NASA helped make sports safer by items orignally used in space.

A spinoff we chose to make different is a shock absorbing helmet to make sking and snowboarding safer. The helmets have 3x the shock absorbing capacity. The interior has a padding of temper foam for extra protection.