Making Proteins

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Making Proteins

After the START codon has initiated other tRNAs will bring their amino acid to build an amino acid chain.2) The next tRNA that binds next matches the codon after AUG. Examplecodon: AUG - UAC - GAA, etc.anticodon: UAC - AUG - CUU ...

After transcription follows....TRANSLATION!Translation is where the RNA from transcription is used as a code to make proteins.

Before Making Proteins... DNA needs to be transcribed into RNA. This process is called...TRANSCRIPTION!

What is involved in Translation?

Making Proteins

First... What happens?

Somewhere along the mRNA, there is the START codon, AUG. 1) A tRNA with the amino acid, methionine, will start the initial process of translation by binding its anticodon to the codon found on the mRNA (AUG).

Second... What happens next?


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