Making Pancakes

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Making Pancakes

Sometimes for dinner my mom makes pancakes with butter on top and syrup all over.She will frequently cook bacon with it on the side, and scrambled eggs. when my mom makes pancakes she uses the pre-made pancake batter,on the griddle. The pancake starts to rise up which makes a shape. It smells so good. If you leave it on the griddle for too long it will burn and change to a darkish Brownish color. When she first poors it on the griddle, the batter starts to bubble, then the pancake starts to rise up after awhile and makes it into a roundish shape. When it's not ready, it does not look like batter anymore, It took on a more bread appearance.Then my mom puts it on the plate and gives it to me. I take the butter and put it in the middle top of the pancake. I also put a lot of syrup on it. When my mother makes pancakes it is a chemical change. It's Awesome!

Making Pancakes

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1)Poor the pre-made pancake batter on the griddle.2)Watch it as it cooks into a pancake and not batter. 3)Put it on a plate and add what you want on the pancake and eat it.


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