Making Mathematics Inviting

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Making Mathematics Inviting

Standard 2: Shapes/GeometryDescribe simple geometric shapes and show awareness of their positions in relation to other objects

Standard 5: Patterns/AlgebraIdentify, repeat, and describe simple patterns using concrete objects.

Standard 1: Number Sense and OperationsCount with understanding and use numbers to tell how many, describe order and compare.

Standard 3: MeasurementIdentify and compare the attributes of length, volume, weight, time and temperature and use the tools needed to measure them.

Standard 4: Data Analysis and Probability

Classify, organize, represent and use information to ask and answer questions.

What Research and the Expert Tell Us:

1. Provide time and materials for children to engage in play.2. Enhance children's natural interest and curiosity in mathematics and their disposition to use it to make sense of their world.3. Provide adult support, building on children's family, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds and experiences.4. Encourage children's problem solving and reasoning through integrated activities.5. Provide for sustained interaction with mathematical ideas; and continually assess children's mathematical knowledge & skills.

Making Mathematics Inviting

Inclusion:- Use a variety of hands on manipulatives-Use large beads for making patterns-Encourage children to use their fingers when counting-Teach basic sign language-Read counting books