Making Connections

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Social Studies
American History

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Making Connections

Elie Wiesel: was a jew that faced descrimination of religion, seaperation,and lost all rights during WWII Dr.MLK jr: was a civil right leader that faced descrimination and seperation during The Civil Rights movement

They both went through differnet situation's like Elie went to a consatration camp, Marthin went to a school for the ones that had different skin colos, Elie lost his rights as a person, Marthin whanted to be treated fairly.

They we're both carend of others, that we're going through the same thing's they though it wasn't fair, that people would dicriminate them for there religion and skin color

Elie Wisel stayed in a consentration camp in 1928-1951 Dr.MLK jr1929-1968 Became a Civil Right Leader

Making Connections


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