[2015] Jessica Iantorno: Making Connections

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[2015] Jessica Iantorno: Making Connections

I found that making connections was helpful to me while reading the text, Earthly Astonishments. This is because I was able to use things that I already had an understanding of, to help comprehend my text, and expand my knowledge further on the subject I was reading about.

Being able to relate this text to things that I have a well understanding of, helped me to connect to the course questions because I was able to organize which parts related to which course questions. For example, when the main protagonist, Josephine, decided to run away from her job as a servant, I was able to connect that to when I went bungee jumping at Canada's Wonderland. I was able to relate to the freedom that she felt, and how courageous she was, and this helped me to see that this part of the novel taught us about the life lesson of taking risks and being courageous.

Making connections has helped to improve me as a reader because it helped me to understand what I was reading better, and allowed me to relate fiction, to reality. Also, while I read my novel, I would make connections to things I already have background knowledge about, which has helped to improve me as a reader.


This text reminds me of the television show, American Horror Story Freak Show, because they are both about showing off the "freaky" or "astonishing" features of people. All of the "freaks" in both texts stick together like a family, because everyone judges and fears them becuase of how they look.


Making Connections


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