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Area is how much space an object takes up.

You can use perimeter when you are figuring out how much fencing you need to buy or how much railing for a roller rink etc.

Area and Perimeter

To find the area of a rectangle you take the measurements of the length and multiply it by the measurement of the width. Length x Width= Area

You can use area when you're putting in carpeting for your house or for when you're figuring out how big to make a hallway etc.

Perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shape.

To find the perimeter of a rectangle you take measurements of all four sides and add them all upLength + Length + Width + Width =Perimeter

It is possible for two shapes to have the same area but nit the same perimeter. Ex. Area is 18.Area-9x2=18 Perimeter-9+9+2+2=22&Area-6x3=18Perimeter-6+6+3+3=18


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