Make Your Password Hrd2Kr@c!

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Make Your Password Hrd2Kr@c!

Cyber criminals are smart but if you follow these rules your password should be quite safe!

Make your passwordHrd2Kr@c!

Protecting your password

DON'T : •Share your passwords with anyone•Keep passwords on the device it is designed to protect•Send a password in email or instant message

Creating a Password

Do:•The strongest passwords are always phrases. Make sure you include:-At least 8 characters (the more the better)A mix of at least three: upper case letters, numbers, punctuation marks or symbols•Make sure your password is memorable. eg. use the title of a favourite movie, book or phrase.

DON'T:•Use information that could be guessed too easily e.g. pet names, birthday, nickname- only use common letter to symbol conversion e.g. changing o to 0 or l to 1 or !•A series of sequences or repeated patterns e.g. 123..., abc... or 999...• A series of letters next to each other on the key board e.g. QWERTY•Nothing too obvious e.g. password

Fact no. 3The most common symbols used in passwords are —~@#$%&?

Do:•Change your password a few times a year•Use different password for each online account•Use a safe password manager•Try using two-step-authentication•Run your password through a reputable strength test

Fact no. 266% of people online omly use 1-2 passwords for all their online accounts

Fact no. 1The most common numbers in a password is 1 or 2.


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