Make the World a Better Place

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Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place :)

How Can YOU Spread Kindness?1. Be gratefulSimply say thank you to someone for doing a simple action that you appreciate! Or just say thank you to someone you love for being in your life.2. ListenWhen you talk to someone, really take interest in what they are saying! Listen and not just hear what they are saying.3. Give complimentsWhen you receive a compliment, you feel a warm and fuzzy feeling. Give someone a compliment so they will experience the same pleasurable feeling. Make sure to be genuine!

What are the Health Effects of Being Kind?1. Kindness gives us healthier heartsKindness gives us emotional warmth, which produces oxytocin, a horomone in the brain. Oxytocin releases a chemical called nitric oxide, which ultimately dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.2. Kindness slows down agingThe two main things that speed up aging are inflammation and free radicals. Some research shows that there is a link between compassion and the vagus nerve, which controls involuntary actions such digestion and keeping a constant heart rate. The vagus nerve also controls the inflammatory reflex. One study conducted that kindness reduced inflammation, most likely due to the effect on the vagus nerve.

Why Should You Spread Kindness?1. Kindness is meaningful!Kindness goes a long way! You might think that performing a simple act of kindness for someone is trivial, but that simple act might make someone's day!You could build someone's trust by being kind.2. We need kindness in the world!If no one is kind, kindness would not spread. The world would be a sad place without any kindness in it.3. There will never be enough kindness.There is not enough kindness in this world, and there will never be. We should put our best effort and try to spread kindness and make this world a better place.

The health effects of being kind and effects of being kind columns have been proven by PhD David R. Hamilton that has been featured on TED talks and has written many books.

The Effects of Being Kind:1. Kindness makes you happier!Naturally, when we do something kind for others, we feel happier. We feel good about ourselves for being kind.2. Kindness makes better relationships!Kindness is important because it affects how people see you! You want to leave a good impression on someone.3. Kindness is contagious!Kindenss inspires us to spread kindness to others. It is like a ripple effect- so spread some kindness to someone!All these reasons have been proven by David R. Hamilton, PhD.


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