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Make It Stop Rise Against

"The cold river washed him away". - Rise AgainstIn a way peter's mind finally got washed away when he decided to take hin guns and shoot up his school. He broke, he lost it, his mind washed away in pain he counld'nt take it anymore.He felt so hopelss that he thought killin the people that had wronged him was the only way he could live or die because of his failed suicide attemt but maybe he only thought after he had to die because he couldnt live with what he had done hurting so many people. Pain and Fear drive people to do crazy things though.


The main conflict in the novel is a high school boy Peter, shoots up his school to get revenge on the people who did anything wrong to him like bully him or hurt him. He planed on killing himself like the childer in the song make it stop but he was going to kill himself after he killed ot hurt the people he thought deserved it.

The song Make It Stop by the band Rise Against is a song about bulling and how bulling caused people to commit suicide in this case for being homosexual, peter did have a few gay questions in the novel but later found out he was straight he was bullied in the novel for some people thinking he was gay so it realtes to the song in that manner.

"You don't need water to feel like you're drowning do, you?"

"When you begin a journy of revenge, start by digging 2 graves: one for your enemy, and one for yourself"

Make it stopRise Against

Main conflict

Make It Stop

Nineteen MinutesBy Jodi Picoult

Peter: the boy that shoot up the school to get revenge on the people that hurt himJosie: peters Ex-friend that shoots her boyfriend in the stomach when peter comes to shoot himAlex: Judge and Josies momPatrick: cop on the job and first person to react to the shooting



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