Make Cycle #2

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Make Cycle #2

CFR Communication AssessmentBelow are five concepts associated with "being" intentional as a communicator. Assess your personal strenths and areas where you want to grow stronger.

Make Cycle #2

I am intentional about listening to what others have to say. I am aware of the amount of airspace available and am purposeful about thow I choose to use it. I monitor or set aside distracters that interfere with being fully present.

I am intentional about my choice of words because I know that owrds inspire or deflate, encourage involvement or cause retreat, invite action or inaction, lead to solutions or failures, and offer hope or despair.

I speak my truth in a genuine and respectful manner while also listening to the truth from other perspectives. Before I speak, I honor silence to gain my own clarity, choose words carefully, and I deliver my message with personal regard.

I am intential about making and keeping promises to myself and others. Before making a promise that commits my time, energy, and resources, I thoughtfully weigh the implications based upon prioritie and values. My promises refelct my intention to follow through. When I cannot keep a promise, I take responsibility for speaking the truth to myself and others.

Making and Keeping Promises

Requests Versus Requirements

I know the difference between a request and a requirement and am clear when I use each. I lead from the viewpoint of making requests that offer options and hold requirements for those areas that are non-negotiable.

Speaking the Truth

Powerful Listening

I feel this is the area where I can grow the most. This is definitely my weakness. I allow internal and external distractions to interfere. Being aware of the distractions and being intentional about my listening, I hope, is a start to becoming a better listener.

This area needs improvement because I tend to take on too many things and then life happens which creates situations where I may not be able to keep my promises of deadlines. This assignment is one example.

Choices! I try to allow room for choices within the structure in place. Of course there are always non-nogotiables and I try to clearly state them. One of my strengths that helps me in this area is that I tend to run things by someone else to receive feedback on my requests or requirements.

I think this is my area of strength. I feel I am super real. There's not reading inbetween the lines with me. With that being said, I would like to work on conveing the truth with love. I think the cliche, 'the truth hurts' is what causes the messenger to be blamed for the hurt. If I apply powerful speaking and powerful speaking perhaps the truth doesn't have to hurt coming from me.

I think I'm at a good place in this area but I want to strive to use more powerful positive words to inspire and instill hope.

Powerful Speaking


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