[2014] ANTHONY GARGANO: Makah´s Native American Houses

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[2014] ANTHONY GARGANO: Makah´s Native American Houses

The front of the longhouse had a painting of a face or animal symbol.

Since it rained a lot, the trees grew very thick and tall. The huge red cedars were important to the people because they could make large houses, boats and tools with them.

Makah'sNative American Houses

The Makah's houses were rectangular and built with cedar wood from the trees.

They lived close to the water to suvive. Most of their food and supplies came from hunting whales and fishing.

There were no windows in the longhouses. There was only a hole in the roof to let smoke from the fires out, and one door to keep the heat in.

Their houses were large (up to 60 feet long) and many families lived in each one.


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