Major US Wars

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Major US Wars

Major Wars Involving the US

A timeline of major American wars over the past century.

Time Line


World War I

US victory in 1945Collapse of Third ReichCreation of United NationsStart of Cold War

Defeat in 1973, American forces withdrawlDissolution of Republic of Vietnam

US victory in 2011Invasion and occupation of Iraq led to defeat of Ba'ath party government and execution of Saddam HusseinEstablishment of democratic elections and new Shia led government

Also known as War in Afghanistan, US victory in 2014Defeat of Taliban and death of Osama bin LadenCreation of Afghan army, and establishment of new Afghan government

Ended in US victory in 1918Established the League of NationsFormation of new countries in Europe and Middle East


World War II


Vietnam War



War on Terror

Iraq War


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