Major Parts of the Human Body

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Human Anatomy

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Major Parts of the Human Body

- Brain controls the movements and functions of organs and body parts- Lungs help you breath- Teeth help break down food- Skin protects the body and regulates temperature- The heart pumps blood througout the body- The stomach helps diagest food- Hair helps keep you warm- Ears help you hear- Eyes help you see- The tongue helps you taste- The nose helps you smell

- Brain- Lungs- Teeth- Skin- Heart- Stomach- Hair- Ears- Eyes- Tongue- Nose

- Brain is in your skull - Your nose is in the middle of your face- Lungs are in your chest- Teeth are in your mouth- Skin is covering your whole body- Heart is in your chest- Stomach is behind your belly button- Hair is on your head, legs, arm and face- Ears are on the side of your head- Eyes are toward the top of your face - Tongue is found within your mouth

Major Parts of the Human Body

Major Body Parts & Organs:

Functions of Major Body Parts & Organs:

Location of Major Body Parts & Organs:

Grade 1 Standard:

3.3 Identify the location and function of major parts of the human body, including sense organs


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