[2015] Allison Uecker (All classes): Major Nutrients

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[2015] Allison Uecker (All classes): Major Nutrients

Major Nutrients





Give fuel for energy. There are two types of Carbohydrates 1. Simple- Sugar 2. Complex- Starch Simple can be fruits, sugars and white sugars. Complex can be potatoes and rice.

Are for your hormones that are transporting and storing vitamins. There are two types of Fats1. Saturated2. Un- SaturatedSacharated can be milk, eggs, meat and butter.Un-Sacharated can be nuts, avacadoes and beans.

Help you build and repair tissue. There are two types of Protiens1. Complete 2. In- CompleteComplete protiens can be nine of the essential amino acids. In-Complete Protiens can be plant foods.

Your body needs vitamins in order to work properly, and it needs different vitamins to help perform specific activities like produce energy. There are two types of Vitamins1. Fat soluble 2. Water solubleFat soluble can be a lot vitamin EWater soluble is something you can dissolve.



Minerals help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy. Lots of minerals can come from iron, soil and vitamin.

Water benefits your body by giving hydration. There are two types of Water. Stil and Sparkling. Water can be in rivers, lake, oceans and many other things.


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