[2014] CHaskins56: Major Events Of WW II Timeline

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World War II

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[2014] CHaskins56: Major Events Of WW II Timeline

Major Events Of WW11 Timeline

This is my historical timeline of 10 major events of World War 11 I hope that you like it :)


The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

In 1935, Adolf Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription. The Treaty of Versailles was very important because after World War 1, this made peace with Germany and the Allied powers. It was signed in 1919.

The Night of Broken Glass, was when the German army destroyed anything and everything that had to do with Jews. Like for example jobs, buildings, homes, stores, and much more.

On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, which is in Oahu, Hawaii. The Japanese had intended to destroy most of our aircraft we had in Pearl Harbor, so that it would make it easier for them to get closer to Malaya, therefore accessing more natural resources such as oil and rubber. It was also said that Japan wanted to neutralize the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

In 1937 Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription. Hitler had said in 1924 that he would violate the Treaty. He decided to build his army up in secret, because the Treaty stated that he could only have 100,000 men in his army.


Operation Supercharge


Assassination Against Hitler Fails



Hitler Commits Suicide

Hitler Commands To End Operation Citadel



Germany Invades Poland



The Night Of Broken Glass


Hitler Violates Treaty Of Versailles


Hitler Reveals War Plans

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, this was one of the reasons WW11 started. Hitler decided to invade Poland because he wanted to regain lost territory and ultimately rule Poland.

In 1942, General Montgomery, broke through another general's defense line at El Alamein forcing a retreat, which ended the Axis occupation of North Africa. This was Operation Supercharge.


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