Major American Wars

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Major American Wars

Major American Wars

War has unfortunately been a part of our culture for many years. Here we list just a few of the major wars America was involved in.

Time Line


The American Revolution

A war lasting 32 months between America, Brittian, Ireland, North American Colonies, and Indian Allies. No boundery changes were made after the war but trade, and conflicts were resolved. British was said to have won this war.

This war was caused by the thought of "Manifest Destiny", the belief that America is destined to expand throughout the continent and Texas trying to become independent from Mexico eventually joing the USA.

This war was caused when America decided to intervene in the Cuban War of Independence. The USA attacked Spain due to their brutal hold over Cuba which caused the 4 month war between America and Spain. America won this war and came out known as a World Power.

The Civil War is known as the War between States and was fought within the USA. Seven southern states formed an alliance and revolted against the abolition of slavery. The North Won this battle and Slavery was abolished.

Led by General Washington, the American Revolution was fought for American Independence. American wins claiming their indepence from Brittian.





The War of 1812

Mexican/American War

The Civil War

Spanish/American War


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