[2015] Subeedha Rijal: Majak Daw

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[2015] Subeedha Rijal: Majak Daw

Why did he move to Australia? Majak and his family moved to Egypt due to the civil war going on in Sudan. His family then moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2003 as refugees. He was encouraged to play AFL when he went to school at Mackillop College in Werribee.

FamilyMajak was the third of nine kids. His parents were half Kenyan and half Sudanese.

Birth Majak Daw was born on the 11th of March 1991 in Khartoum, Sudan.

ContributionsMajak has contributed to the AFL community by being the first Sudanese player in the AFL. He made his first appearance for North Melbourne in a pre-season game versing North Melbourne.

Majak Daw

BiographyMajak Daw is a professional Australian football player. Majak got drafted by North Melbourne in 2010. Majak has played 16 games in his whole career and kicked 17 goals. He also won the 2015 Grand Final sprint. Majak wears the number 38 gurnsey for North Melbourne football club and weighs 97kg.

Assault ChargesMajak was charged with three counts of rape in July 1st 2007. The consequences of his actions included being charged and suspended.

Majak taking a mark

Daw family

Majak in the ruck

Majak Daw


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