Maintaining good mental health

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Maintaining good mental health

RELAX!Everyone has their own way to relax, so work out what relaxes you. Some people enjoy listening to music, some people enjoy walking. For some, the most relaxing thing they can do is read or play a game. It's important to relax even in times of stress-usually if you don't feel like oyu have time to relax that means you need to most! Prevent stress by making a habit of relaxing-read for 10min when you get home from school every day, spend 15min drawing before bed, write in a diary every day...whatever makes you feel good!

There is no part of your life that is not affected by your mental health-so it's important to know how to maintain it!So how DO you stay healthy and happy?

There's no doubt, at time slife can be tough and at times it might feel like you head is spinning or like you can't get the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to fit.But there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of time you spend feeling that way.

Maintaining mental health

SPEND TIME WITH OTHER PEOPLEStudies have shown that having people to talk to and spend time with, such as family and friends improves people's mental health. So whether it's kicking a footy in the back yard or ctaching up for lunch with friends, spend time in enjoyable company.

SPEND SOME TIME ALONEThere will no doubt be times when you have only yourself to keep you company, so find ways to enjoy being away from the demands of life. Working out how to cope with being on your own can be hard, but can help you develop your sense of self and your identity, making you a stronger, more resilient person.

CHANGE YOUR HABITS TO ENCOURAGE POSITIVITYDo things every day that make you feel positive, like getting out of bed on time instead of sleeping past your alarm and running late, exercising, helping other people, doing your homework on time so you don't feel guilty or giving someone a compliment.

Personal abilities that improve mental health:-Being hopeful for the future and having goals-Being independant-Social skills, incl sense of humour-An ability to solve problemsExternal factors that improve mental health:-Being a meaningful part of a group-Caring relationships with others-High expectations and self worth

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