[2015] Mai-Anh Nguyen: Mai-Anh and Camille (#19 & #21)

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[2015] Mai-Anh Nguyen: Mai-Anh and Camille (#19 & #21)

Washoe Native Americans

LocationThe Washoe Native Americans also known as the Great Basin Indians, lived in Nevada and California. They were located in the valleys and dry meadows.The Washoe people were one of the first people of Lake Tahoe.

Tools and ArtifactsThe Washoe Native Americans used small bows to hunt small animals such as rabbits. The Indians used spears, nets, and traps for hunting and catching fish.They had artifacts such as weaved baskets.

Homes Their homes were made out of bark and poles and were 12-15 feet long. Traditionally, the front door faced the East. There was a fire pit inside the home and a smoke hole on the top of the house. Their homes were shaped like teepees.

Other TribesOther tribes found in the intermountain region are Pomo, Shasta, Cocopah, Mojave, Hupa, Shoshoni, Miwok, and Yuki.

ClothingThe Washoe people did not wear many clothes. Their clothes were usually made out of sage grass and deer hide. Sometimes, they would wear aprons or leggings. The men used rabbit hides to make robes.The men also wore deerskin headbands.



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