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Beowulf Wanted: Good and obedient person Perfect hero Great and courageous warrior with strength

This took place during Medieval Times. The events took place during the migration and settlements in England.

Conflicts:Beowulf vs GrendelBeowulf (a good hero) defeated Grendel (an evil villian) to save other people.Beowulf vs DragonBeowulf fought the dragon to protect the nation.

Grendel's mother kills Aeschere

Beowulf defeats Grendel

Grendel attacks Heorot

Beowulf's departure for Hrothgar's kingdom

wulf kills Beo Gr en en wh dle. is max cli The

Banquet It symbolizes restoration of harmony and order to the Danish (people from Denmark.) It also represents rebirth of the community.

Theme:1/2 cup of important establishmentand1 cup of identityMix it all together until you've got The Importance of Establishing Identity

Golden Torque This symbolizes the bond of loyalty between Beowulf and Wealhtheow's people.


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