Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Who was Mahatma Gandhi?Mahatma Gandhi was born in britain India the 2 of October of 1869 and he died in Nueva delhi, in india the 30 of January of 1948. He was a lawyer, thinker and an indian politician. He recive from Rabindranath Tagore the honorific name of Mahatma. he was part of the nacionalist indian movement since 1869 . He established new methods of social fight such us hunger strikesHe rejected the armed fights. He was locked away and he became the national hero. In 1931 he participated in London's conference where he reclamed the india's independence. Gandhi and his wife were privated of their freedom in Aga Khan palace where his wife died in 1944 while he was in a hunger strike.When India got the independence gandhi wanted to reform the Indian population and he wanted to developed rural zones.He rejected religious conflicts and he defended musmilm people in India. He was murdered by a fanatic the 30 of January of 1948. His body was thrown in Ganges River

- He was in South Africa during 20 years- Gandhi's death was considered a na national catastrophe in the world.- Gandhi studied in London's university and he wanted to be a lawyer. - When he did his first speech he was so nervous and he couldn't talk.Gandhi did a poverty vote.- He was vegetarian because he considered that it was violence.- When he was in the liberation fight he wore loincloth but when he lived in London he wore elegant suits.-He had an ireland accent when he spoke in english.

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