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Style of Art-Impressionistic-works during 1918-1924 influenced by Futurism, mostly works of nudes-1943-44; colorful and painterly-provacative, crude Fauve

Influences-First influence - a painter he encountered in a cemetery-His mother's suicide in 1912-Artist Jean Metzinger with the style of Cubism-Artists Andre Breton, Giorgio De Chirico, and Max Ernst with their styles of Surrealism.-Artist Fernard Leger with the styles of CUbism and Futurism.

"This is not a pipe."

Who Was Magritte?-Born in Lessines in 1898-Began drawing lessons in 1910-Married to Georgette Berger-Died in August 15, 1967 of pancreatic cancer

Rene Magitte

The Art of Livingv.Barcelona Sphinx-Both Surrealist works-Provacative, thought provoking-Suggestively placed faces set as focal points-Use of orange contrast againts other colors

Barcelona Sphinx, by Salvidor Dali

The Art of Living, by Rene Magritte

Magritte's Legacy-Influenced artist: -Marcel Broodthaers -Andy Warhol -Robert Gober -Joseph Kosuth-Influenced movements: -Pop art -Conceptual art -Appropriational art


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