Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgards

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Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgards

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard:The Sword of Summer By: Rick Riordan 

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer is about a homeless sixteen year old boy who is living on the streets of Boston. He is torn when he finds out that his Uncle Randolph is trying to find him, but before his mother died, she told him not go near him. He decides to see what is uncle is up to. Uncle Randolph takes Magnus to a river in the park and Magnus is able to use his powers to bring up the Sword of Summer from an old sunken ship. He dies valiantly in battle when a man who controls fire attacks innocent people on a bridge. He wakes up in a place called Vahalla, which is where the chosen warriors of Odin go after they die. People begin to say that he didn't truly die valiantly in battle and that the Valkyrie who has brought him was a fraud. He is given a prophecy and the sword is somehow connected to it. He must now choose to find the sword and rescue the world from danger or rest peacefully with the others in Vahalla.



One of themes in this book is the theme of finding out who you are. Magnus doesn't really struggle with this when the story first starts off, but as he begins to discover this Asgardian world around him he becomes more and more curious about where he really came from and who is father truly is. Another theme in this book, I believe, is the theme of not letting anyone tell you who you are. Magnus and Samirah al-Abbas (Sam) both go through this in the book. No one thinks that Magnus is really a hero and died valiantly and they also believe that because Sam is daughter of Loki, that she is evil and trying to help her father bring about the end of the world, but none of that is really true.


Magnus Chase – The protagonist of our story. Magnus is a sixteen-year-old living homeless in Boston. He has chin-length blonde hair (which makes him look like Curt Cobian) and green eyes. Uncle Randolph – Uncle Randolph is suspected to be the main protagonist, but it is very hard to tell. Magnus’ mother told Magnus that Randolph is not to be trusted and Randolph ends up being the reason that Magnus dies on the bridge. Samirah al-Abbas (Sam) – I am suspecting that Sam will become Magnus’ love interest throughout the series. Sam is a daughter of Loki and is hated by the other Valkyrie because of her heritage. She is wrongly accused of trying to bring about the end of the nine worlds, which the Norse refer to as Ragnarok. Loki – Loki is the Norse God of mischief, magic, and artifice. Loki is very persuasive, but Magnus is told many times by many people that Loki should not be trusted. I am suspecting that Loki will become a larger protagonist in the next book. Blitzen – Blitzen is the first character we meet besides Magnus. He is said to be just another homeless man living in Boston. He is truly in Boston to protect Magnus from danger. He is also a dwarf. Hearth – Hearth is another “homeless” friend of Magnus. We later find out that he is helping Blitzen help protect Magnus. He is a deaf elf. Gunilla – Gunilla is one of the Valkyrie who believes that Sam is an evil daughter of Loki. Gunilla is a daughter of Thor and is very proud of it. At first you think that she’s a jerk, but you learn that she is only trying to protect Vahalla, which makes her somewhat more likeable. Surt – Surt is one of the many suspected antagonists in this story. He is the one who kills Magnus on the bridge. He is also rumored to be one reason Ragnarok is going to happen. T.J. – T.J. is one of Magnus’ friends when he is in Vahalla. He is from the Civil War period and is seen to have a rifle hanging from his shoulder. He helps Magnus on his quest to find the sword. Mallory – Mallory is also a friend from Vahalla. She is very feisty and has flaming red hair. She is from Scottland and she is in love with Gunderson Halfborn. X – X is a half man half troll, who is on the same floor as Magnus in Vahalla. X has a thick Russian accent and a very warty face. He ends up being someone very important. Gunderson Halfborn – Gunderson is another friend of Magnus’ in Vahalla. He is the “leader” of the friend group, charging straight into battle whenever needed. He is Swedish and in love with Mallory. Thor – Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder. Thor befriends the young protagonists when they arrive in Asgard. He helps them very much and I believe he will be a bigger part of the next novel. Annabeth – Annabeth is not a huge part of the book. She only appears three times, but I believe she is very essential to the plot because she is the one person in Magnus’ family that he believes he can trust. I believe that she will also be a bigger part of the next novel.


I give this book a five out of five stars. I would reccomend this book to anyone mostly because Rick Riordan always writes an entertaining story mixing the real world with mythology. But this book was different from his other books, because it dealt with life after death, which I thought was a really interesting aspect. Magnus "dies" pretty early on in the book and then heads to the Asgardian heaven of Vahalla. This is one of the coolest aspects of the book along with Magnus being the son of Frey, who is said to have had the fewest children of all the gods in Asgard. Another really interesting aspect of the book is all of the interesting characters and the connection to Riordan's other series Percy Jackson and The Gods of Olympus.



This text relates to me because it's about a teenager who could really care les. I feel that I am this way and to have Magnus feel that way too was awesome. This text directly relates to Rick Riordan's other series Percy Jackson and The Olympians, which would also mean that it relates to his other series The Heroes of Olympus as well. This relates to the world in that it tells the story about a boy who is constantly being told who he is. I think that many people in the world feel this way.

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