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Loadstone-Loadstone is a naturally magnetized rock.

MagnetismBy:Biju & Bridget

The Northern LightsThe charge particles are attracted to the strongest parts of Earth's magnetic field and magnetic North and South Poles.

DefinitionMagnetism- Is a force that acts on moving electric charge and magnetic materials that are near a magnet.

When someone holds the balloons 10cm apart nothing happens.When you hold the balloon 10cm apart after rubbng them with the same material they repel.

Magnetic Field- Each magnet has an invisible fields around it, and the magnetic field goes out in all directions.Static Electricity- happens when positive and negative charges no longer bounce.Series Circuit- in a simple circuit known as a series circuit eletric charge can flow only in one path.

Permanent magnet- a magnet that holds it magnetism for a long time.

Temporary Magnet- a magnet that holds its magnetism for a short amount of time

Fun FactsThe name electricity comes from elektron, the Greek word for amber.Earth is like a giant magnet surrounded by a huge magnetic field.


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