Magnetism and Waves

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Magnetism and Waves

Magnets have northand south poles, as well as a magnetic field.

The like ends of magnets repel each other, and the unlike ends attract.

Magnetism OverviewMagnets

Magnets have an attractive quality. They have poles, north and south, which attract and repel. Like charges, like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Also like electricity, magnets emit a magnetic field around them, which can draw in objects which are attracted to the magnets.

Magnetism & Waves

Did you know?The word magnetism comes from Magnesia, aregion in Asia where lodestone was found in ancient times.

Waves have to do with wavelength, frequency, and amplitude.

Waves OverviewUnderstanding Waves

A diagram of a wave.

There are many different kinds of waves- electromagnetic, sound, light, radio, infrared, gamma, ultraviolet... the list goes on and on. There are also different parts to a wave. The crest is the highest point of a wave. The trough, its opposite, is the lowest point of a wave. A wavelength is how far two crests are from one another. The number of crests that pass a point in one second is called the frequency. Magnetism and waves are related because a changing magnetic field will produce an electromagnetic wave. Also, like magnets, waves can be polarized.

Did you know? Electromagnetic waves are formed by the vibrations of electric and magnetic waves.


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