Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and how it impacts Healthcare

How does an MRI work?Two types of waves are sent out into a patients body. Radio waves and Magnetic waves. The magnetic waves are used to align the axis of all hydrogen atoms in a given organ or tissue while the radio waves are used to create an image. The radio waves are reflected off the Hydrogen atoms and go back into the MRI creating a stable image.

X-Ray vs MRIRadiation?CostAble to detectDetail of structuresTime required for scan

Yes there is a average amount of radiationOn average $50-$70 depending on locationOnly able to detect bones, often used for emergency situations due to how quick it isLow detail but easily readable and detectableTakes mere minutes to take an X-ray scan

There is no radiation requiredCan cost from $1200 to $4000 in the United States Able to detect tissues, brain cells, Cancerous tumours, tendons and even blood cells.An MRI is able to produce highly detailed structures of various tissuesand can display the difference between normal and Cancerous cellsOn average a MRI scan can take anywhere from between 30-90 minutes

The Following shows an outline of the inside of an MRI scanner from a see through veiw

The Focus QuestionHow do MRI's Impact HealthcareBefore the invention of MRI's it would aqcuire surgery to make a diagnosis and to look at tissues within the body, It also took longer to tell if there was cancerous tissues within the body. Now with an MRI we are able to detect diseases and tumour's quicker, decrease mortality rate in hospitals and make patients safer, and the best part about how its helped healthcare is that its a Non invasive procedure, there no side affects to an MRI.

A medium of Galodium or element 64 is sometimesinjected into a patientsbloodstream to better reflectsome waves.


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