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Magnet Lesson

•Kids Inspiration Activity•Tell Me All About It – science big book•Chart paper and marker-for KWL activity•Classroom Magnet Set with plastic objects•Collection of objects that are magnetic and not magnetic with sorting mat

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Show magnets to the students. What does it look like? Has anybody ever seen or used this tool before? Does anyone know the name of the tool? What do you think the tool is used for? This tool comes in many different shapes and sizes. Show the different magnets from the Classroom Magnet Set. Lesson will begin with a KWL chart. Students will be assesed on what they know about magnets, and what they want to know.Then teacher will look at page 10 in the book Tell Me All About It. Look at the tools with the students and have them tell you about them. How do you use the tools? In small groups, provide each student with a magnet and allow them to explore the collection of objects. Ask Guiding Questions: What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What is happening? What sticks* to the magnet? What does not stick*? What happens when you lift the magnet up? What happens when you pull/push? What happens when you move the magnet in front/behind, beside/next to, top/bottom, under/over)? What is the relationship between the magnets and the objects? What happens when you put two magnets together? For an offline activity, students will break into small groups and sort the objects into two groups (stick, not stick). ( using a sorting mat and provided a variety of metal and plastic objects)For an online activity, students will work with partners on a Kids Inspiration activity, with teacher support to perform Board Maker Studio activity to sort magnetic and nonmagnetic objects. Throughout the lesson, the teacher will have many opportunities to assess if the students understanding of objectives. Through the use of teacher observations and assessments such as student journals, photos, videos, anecdotal notes and discussions, teachers will be able to assess learning outcomes. Teacher will have opportunity to guide, model and use cues and prompts to help student understand objectives.

Offline activity included a column sorting mat with real objects. A teacher made book was created with questions and pictures of real tools so students can discuss atributes of each object.


Extension Activity and AdaptationsAdditional magnets were added in multiple shapes and size. Highlighted words, large print, large chart paper was provided for successful outcomes. Familiar everyday objects were used during activity. The use of vocabulary words were introduce and differentiated to meet the needs of students. Addtional extention activities were provided to gain an understanding of magnets movements of negative and positive force. An empty water bottle with a magnet in it and a magnet wand to move magnet inside water bottle. Magnets hidden in sand and pull out with a majgic magnet wand.

This lesson has been designed for kindergarten students. This lesson could be adapted for grades K- 3rd grade students. It could also be modified with accommodations to meet a variety of differential learning needs and styles. It can be scaffold to meet the needs of higher order thinking questions and can have multiple extension activities to help all students reinforce learning outcomes. Through exploration, group discussions, and teacher-directed activities, students will be able to identify everyday uses of magnets. Students will also develop an awareness of magnetic attraction, strength, poles, and force.

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