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Chemical Elements

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Family NameAkaline Also known as Alkaline Earth Metals


The Elements Location



The Element

How Magnesium Is Part of Every Day Life

Who Discovered Magnesium

Sir Humphry Davy first discovered Magnesium in 1808He was born in England

Magnesium is found in the second colum from left to right and in the second row, period, or energy level. The familiy in which it belongs to is the Akaline family. The electron configuration is 2,8,2 which means it has two electrons on the outer most ring.

activates enzymes helps make energy and regulate calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and other important nutrientsMagnesium can help increase effects of normal treatment for a rise in blood pressure during pregnancy or in general, asthma, depression, diabetes, hearing loss, heart failure,headaches, osteoporosis, and PMS.It can be used as a compound for medicinal porpusses

Sinse Magnesium is found in many types of food you may have digested it today. Magnesium is found in whole grains, nuts, and green vegetablesMagnesium helps develope teeth and bonesIt is important to the heart and other organs development therephore it is essential to dailey life and your survival. You may be using it for your car as an alloy or to get your car moving. In addition it is used for electronics that you may use in your dailey life such as cameras, cellphones, laptops and computers

Magnesium Uses

Fun FactsIt is the most common Element in Earth. It's Melting point is 1202 degrees faraingheit and itsboiling point is 1994 degrees faraingheit. At room temputure it is a solid.Magnesium is essential to life.Magnesium got it's name because of where magnesium carbon a compound was found which is Magnesia, GreecePeople thought it was the same element as carbon

Where is Magnesium Found Magnesium is found in minerals such as brucite, magnesite, dolomite. Compounds of oxygen and silliconn also contain magnesium. Another type of Magnesium called Magnesium chloride is found in seawater, brines, and salt wells. In addition it is found in more than 60 mineral on earth



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