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Chemical Elements

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Interesting Facts:1) Even though magnesium is the eigth most abundant element in the universe, magnesium is never found in free nature.2) It was the influence of war that changed magnesium use from a curiosity to an industrial metal.

Chemical Properties:1) Absorbs heat in chemical reaction(endothermic).2) Combustible in a cloud form.3) Very reactive will all halogens.

Historical Information1) Magnesium was discovered by Joseph Black, in England, in 1755, and was isolated by A.A.B. Bussy and Sir Humphry Davy, English chemists, in England, in 1808 through the electrolysis of a mixture of magnesium oxide and mercuric oxide.2) Magnesium was first used in flares, tracer bullets, incendiary bombs, fireworks, and flash photography.

Societal Applications:**Used in alloys used for aircrafts, car engine casings, and missile construction.**Hydroxide, chloride sulfate, and citrate (parts of magnesium) are used in medecine.**Magnesium is not used daily at home.**Magnesium can be produced through an electrolytic process and extracted through seawater.

Physical Properties:Melting Point= 650 CBoiling Point= 1091 CState at Room Temperature= solidDensity= 1.738 g/cm3Colour= silvery whiteOthers= ductile, malleable if heated, not magnetic


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