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Chemical Elements

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Magnesium was discovered in 1755 by Sir Humphry Davy in England.


Magnesium is named after Magnesia, the district of Thessaly

Neutrons= Mass#-P= 24 - 12= 12

In the year of 1618, A farmerwho lived in Espom, England, tried to give his cattle water from a well. When they didn'tdrink the water, the farmerobserved that the water had healed some scratches and cuts.It was later isolated by Davy andwas called magnesium!

Industrial uses for Magnesium...Magnesium was used in aircraft fuselages, engine parts. It is now used in Jet Engines, rockets and missles, luggage handles, power tools, cameras, and optical instruments. It is also used in pyrotechnics, incendiary bombs, signals, flares, as a fuse for thermite, and photographic iron. It prevents the rusting of iron and steel, for example, pipes or a bottom of a ship.

Boiling Point= 1090 degrees celcius

Melting Point= 650 degrees celcius.

Abundance in the earth :2.1% in weight

Magnesium reactswith...








Medicinal Uses for Magnesium...Magnesium is thereputic, so it helps relieve muscle and nerve pain. It can be used as a laxative, it is used in athsma inhalers, and for preeclampsia, which happens in pregnant women. Magenesium will relieve high blood pressure. It is also used for premature labour, osteoporosis, epilepsy, skin inflammation, and is used for hair care!

Environmental uses of Magnesium...Magnesium is found in chlorophyll, and is part of the process that turns sun into energy. It is needed by plants and is an essential mineral salt. All living things need magnesium to live. Magnesium is also needed to create insulin.

There are 4-6 teaspoons of magnesium in the human body! It is also the fourth most abundant!


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