[2014] Meredith Moran (Science 7th Gr 2013 2014, Global Lit 8 2014-15, 2014-15 Science 8th Gr): Magn

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[2014] Meredith Moran (Science 7th Gr 2013 2014, Global Lit 8 2014-15, 2014-15 Science 8th Gr): Magn

Basic FactsMagnesium: MgAtomic Number: 12Color: Grayish Structure: HexagonalClassification: Alkaline Earth MetalMass: 24 amuUsually, Magnesium has: 12 protons, 12 neutrons, and 10 electrons3 stable isotopes: Mg-24, Mg-25, Mg-26

HistoryIn 1808, Sir Humphrey Davy isolated magnesium for the first time. Finally, in 1830, Antoine Bussy showed how pure magnesium could be obtained in one of his published works. In his publication, he stated that it was silvery-white and malleable.

HistoryMagnesium's atomic number is 12. Mg, or magnesium, was first discovered in 1755 by Joseph Black. Magnesium and calcium were thought to be the same substance. Black conducted an experiment that showed the difference between these two elements.

MagnesiumBy: Meredith Moran

UsageMagnesium is very lightweight and durable. It is often used in airplanes, missles, engine casings, cameras, etc. Magnesium is most commonly obtained from sea water. It is an essential element for plants, animals, and even humans! The daily dosage for an adult is 0.3 grams.

Interesting FactsMagnesium is used to protect steel oil tanks from corrosion (slow decay). Magnesium blocks are placed underneath the tanks.The magnesium corrodes instead of the steel.Magnesium powder is very explosive.Magnesium is the eigth most abundant element in Earth's crust, and the sixth most plentiful element in the universe. Magnesium is never found as a free metal.

Interesting FactsA compound called magnesium sulfate has been proven to reduce seizures.Magnesium is a base for chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is located in plants and helps these organisms attain their green color.When magnesium burns in the air, it produces a bright white light. This is why magnesium is used in fireworks; the bright white light really puts on a great firework show!


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