MagLev Train

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MagLev Train

Negatives:These trains are very expensive,due to the supply of liquid nitrogenand the infrastructure involved for example, the tracks and magnets.Positives:Reliable due to the high speeds,Fairly environmently friendly, and cannot stray off the tracks therefore is safe for passengers

The MagLev Train

Uses helium cooled superconducting magnets which are attached to the bottom of the train, that repel against the coils on the track, levitating the train.

How it works

When the superconductor is exposed to the magnetic field of the coils, there is a current created inside it. The superconductor will set up to have the same magnetic pole as the external magnetic field. Therefore there is repulsion, and to keep it in place, is the everlasting current through the superconductor


Fun Fact:The levitation created works both upright and upside down

What is it?

It is a train which reaches top speeds of 500km/h and magnetically levitates to create a path of low resistance

MagLev train in Shanghai, China

Uses a propulsion system to start the train, which consists of a linear induction motor, using wheels to get started until the superconductor is cooled.


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