Magic Mud From a Potato

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Magic Mud From a Potato

If i use regular water instead of tonic water, then the white layer will stay a liquid and not become a solid into a liquid.

I can see that After i chop up the potatoes and wash them in hot water if i put the potato water in a seprate bowl and wait ten minutes, a white layer appears under the potato water.

Magic mud from a Potato

In this project, you will see how to make a potato into a solid that feels like pizza dough, but the minute you stop moving it, it liquifies.

I was unable to record my own project. So here is the original video of the project by "The king of Random"




My hypothesis was correct, If i just use regular water, the white layer does not become the solid forming into a liquid, it just stays a liquid.


When you pour out the water with the white layer, the layer stays in the bowl. After when i put water in it and pour it in a jar another small layer appears.

Then i waited 2 days and the white dried up and became a powder. After i put some of the powder in a small bowl and put a drip or two in the small bowl and try to mix it, it becomes very difficult to do so within about 20 seconds.


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