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Magic was sometimes used to heal people when things got desperate and the doctors could not heal the patient. In this picture they might have used special herbs to help is imune system or even moldy bread on an open cut!

The magicians would sometimes be called to entertain in the palace with magic!

Magicians would do rituals on dead pharoahs for safe travel to the afterlife. Also doctors would have special herbs or perfumes to put on a pharoah.

MagicMagic was a common study in ancient Egypt. The magicians were a high position in Egypt. Magicians would usually entertain the pharoahs, do rituals on the dead pharoahs for safety in the afterlife or healing people. They believed what the magicians said would happen in reality. Magic was reality to the Egyptians. The Egyptians believed there were three main parts of magic. 1. The magician would have to memorize spells and incarnations. 2. The ritual (series of gestures and movements.) 3. The magician had to be in control of everything going on.

MedicineMedicine was depended on because people couldn't last very long in the ancient days without medicine. It is easier in these days to stay away from sickness even if the Egyptians had better imune systems. Medicine was herbs, plants or natural resources that they let them eat if they had stomach flu or dierea. The Egyptians even used moldy bread on open cuts. When doctors got desperate they sometimes tried to get the magicians to help. There was usually only one magicians in each town so you had to be pretty important to have them work for you. Medicine was important to keep dead people remain fresh longer. Medicine was an important contribution to the ancient society.

Medicine in MagicMany magicians used magic for healing someone or even something. Magicians could even do it without the patient even being there. The magicians would use a figurine (looks like crash dummy) to do the magic on and it would happen in reality. The magician could controlwho the magic went to. Medicine in magic was important because if the medicine didn't work the person wouldn't have much hope.


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