Magic Johnson

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Magic Johnson

Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr.


Magics early life

Both his parents worked ( his dad at a general motors plant and his mom as a school janitor).He grew up with nine brothers and sisters.Growing up he had a passion for basketball and practiced everyday all day.


He went to Everett High school He went to Michigan State University He earned the nickname "Magic" when a sports writer witnessed him get 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists in a single game.

In November 1991 Magic retired from the Lakers after finding out he was HIV positive. Johnson went public with his disease and tried to help gain awareness for the disease He faced many hate for this disease and lost many fans and followers. People began to treat his different and treat him as if he didn't exist or as if he wasn't a human being. Despite all of that magic became well known for everything he has done in his life before and after getting HIV In later years he wrote many books and opened many franchises

Major accomplishments

August 14 1959 in Lansing Michigan

He helped spread awareness for HIV and became a spokesperson for it after he found out he had HIV He led his team the Lakers to the NCAA finals He owns many franchises *theaters, Starbucks and more* He helped his college team the Spartans clinch the Big Ten conference title. He played in the 1992 Summer Olympic games and he was apart of the “Dream Team” that won the gold medal.

How he changed the world?

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. changed the world in a few different ways. He was a NBA superstar encouraging kids of any shape, size and ability to get on the court and try to play the sport they love. He also became a HIV awareness spokesperson after he found of he was positive with the HIV virus. Since then he has helped out with basketball games, opened many franchises, wrote books and even talked about how HIV has helped him become a better person in heart. He has helped many people come clean about the virus they have (HIV, aids, etc), and helped many people realize they need to have protected and careful sexual intercourse because even the most careful people could end up with the HIV virus.

The big announcement

*He is still alive today*

Adult life


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