[2013] Maggie Feltz: Maggie8

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[2013] Maggie Feltz: Maggie8

Why am I endangered? I am endangered because people are killing me for fur for coats and stuff like that. Also, forests are being cut down, which is my habitat.

What am I like? I can weigh from 700-800 g. I have a pale grey-brown back with a darker line from my head down to my tail.My eyes get bigger at night. I almost look like a squirrel. Wow! Do I look good or what?

Fun FactsThe name sportive was made up because the Northern Sportive Lemurs interesting habit of adopting a boxer like stance when they are threatened. They have excellent binocular vision when both of their eyes are facing forward. They are arboreal and nocturnal. They get from tree to tree by leaping, and they have pads on their hands and feet, then leap in an upright position.

VideosMAKE SURE TO WATCH WITH NOISE!1.http://www.arkive.org/northern-sportive-lemur/lepilemur-septentrionalis/video-00.html2.http://www.arkive.org/white-footed-sportive-lemur/lepilemur-leucopus/video-00.html3.http://www.arkive.org/ring-tailed-lemur/lemur-catta/video-00.html4.http://www.arkive.org/ring-tailed-lemur/lemur-catta/video-08d.html5.http://www.arkive.org/ring-tailed-lemur/lemur-catta/video-09a.html

Save The Northern Sportive Lemurs!!!!

How We Can HelpWe can stop taking down the forests and stop hunting for them! We can also make a club and take care of them, and in the club we can plant trees in the forests and save their habitats. In addition, we can go online with permission and adopt them.

This is where the Northern Sportive Lemur lives (Inside the box).


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