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Maggie Manley

Who Am I?(Maggie Manley)View of World: a growing and ever changing worldBehavior: kind, lighthearted, sweet, openminded, outgoingValues: Family, Religion, the ability to express oneself, friends



Ancestry Countries

BiographyBorn: March 14th 1996Born In: Frederick, MDLive In: Frederick, MDParents: John and Betsy ManleyPets: 2 Dogs and 1 CatDad's Parents: Skip and Carol ManleyMom's Parents: Bob and Judy LauerPlaces of Origin: Ireland, Italy, Germany, and ScotlandHobbies: Dance, Cheerleading, and Baking

Mom's SideMy mom's side of the family comes from Germany, Italy, and Ireland. My grandfather can speak some Italian and German. Both my grandfather and grandmother's families came to America a long time ago and settled in New York City and then moving to southern Pennslyvania. (York)

Dad's SideMy dad's side of the family comes from Ireland and Scotland. My grandfather's family all mainly came to America during the potatoe famine and settled in the mountains of Maryland. (Frostburg) While my grandmother's side of the family settled in Chicago.

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