[2013] Emily Galvao: Magdalena Looking

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[2013] Emily Galvao: Magdalena Looking

ExternalMagdalena wants the freedom to paint but her father doesn't see her capable of doing that. During this time, women didn't have much independence to do what they pleased so they were confined to their house and had to do housework.

Magdalena is very responsible, trustworthy, and artistic. She does her chores, takes care of her siblings, and notices detail in everything she sees.


Johannes Vermeer is a real life seventeenth century Dutch painter. In this fictional story he is portayed as Magdalena's father whose only focus in life was his paintings.

InternalThroughout the story, Magdalena has a conflict with herself. As she grows up, she wants to ask her father to teach her how to paint put she never has the courage to do it. Also, she wants to have a relationship with her father, but all he cares about is his work. After her father dies, she regrets not asking him and realizes that she will never be able to have a relationship with him.

Catharina is Magdalena's mother. She takes care of the house while caring for all of her children.

In the story, Magdalena wants to paint just like her father, but her parents don't want her to. She always does her chores and then goes into the town to look at the scenery. She loves her father, but she doesn't spend enough time with him to form a relationship. One day her father comes home, and sees her yelling at her mother while she was supposed to be keeping her little siblings quiet. He decides to paint her if she stops shouting and mends her brother's shirt. She loves the painting but believes she is not pretty. After her father dies, she sells the painting to a store owner.When she gets older, she tries to buy the painting in an auction, but gets outbided and loses.


Hendrick van Buyten was the town baker. He was very kind to Magdalena and her family throughout their many hardships.

Nicolaes is Magdalena's husband. He is a saddle maker and is the first man to notice her. It is also said that he has no imagination.

Margritte was Magdalena's and Nicolaes' only living child until she died, damp with fever, in 1696.


Emily Galvao English 2 H P.1

Magdalena LookingBy Susan Vreeland



The story takes place in Delft which is a manufacturing city on the Schie River in the Netherlands.The story is set in the 17th century.


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