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Magazine Editor

My dream magazine to work for would be Teen Vogue in L.A.

Take part in an internship. This allows you to train and become a part of a competitive process. It is also important to remain updated on key issues.

Job Description - generating ideas for features with writing staff - selecting feature articles for each issue- assisting other staff to meet their deadlines

The Devil Wears Prada is a movie produced from a book that describes the presures in magazine production.

The education needed is an English degree or a journalism degree. Usually an expertise in fashion, technology or travel compliment the degree. Advanced computer skills are recommended as well as internships.

The salary starts at $40,000 mid annually -depends on the experience and training one has been through.

"Editor: one who prepares the work of others for publication." (The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 7th ed., 1982)

This job demands people skills, leadership skills, and confidence for making big decisions.

Why?•I enjoy being a head editor (of the yearbook), it allows me to influence my ideas into a working product and work with other creative people. It's a job that is never the same. Magazines are the modern way of having a print source as newspapers slowly decrease due to online sources.

Magazine EditorAshley Kirkland

Popular magazines that are produced by a strong magazine editor and staff.


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