Magazine Cover - Ida B

by mrbonasera
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Language Arts

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Magazine Cover - Ida B

Katherine Hannigan is the author of Ida B

Author of the Year

Throughout the book, Ida B has some very quirky theories about life. Inside we ask her: "What is your favorite Ida B "ism"?"I have two:“I believe a good plan is the best way to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and possibly save the world. I spend a lot of my time making them.”I would subscribe to that philosophy, and admit to that habit.And“… if a child waited to speak until all the grown-ups settled down and gave her some room to say her piece, most important things would never get said.”I think grown ups sometimes believe the truth has to be complex. But kids often say the truest things, and they’re also the simplest and most direct. That’s why some children’s books, I think, are so powerful—the important things get said.


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