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Chapter 1 Odysseus Lands In Phaeacia"... the Trojans fought bravely to save their city of Troy from the Greeks." "He does not love you... Zeus commands you send him home."

Chapter 2Odysseus And The Cyclops"Trapped alone in the cave, we had no time to mourn for our lost friends.""With one hard push, we drove the burning point into the Cyclops's single eye and twisted it deep."

Chapter 3Odysseus And Circe"As soon as the men ate and drank, they fell under her spell and lost all memory of their land.""Quickly I drewmy sword and turned on her, but she slipped under my blade and threw herself at my feet."

The Odyssey

Chapter 4The Folly Of Odysseus's Men"There are many dangers that await you, but if you will heed my advice, you may yet returm to Ithaca.""My men were thrown into the sea. They struggled helplessly in the churning water and were finally drowned - everyone of them."

Chapter 5Odysseus Returns To Ithaca"Now the time has come for Odysseus to have his revenge and rid his home of enemies.""Odysseus's revenge was complete. He could at last seek out his faithful Penelope."



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