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The Mafia were basically "Mobsters" of back then. The Mafia was mostly Italians. They started to do illegal crime when Prohibition started. They started out just selling Booze in some dark alleys mostly in New York City. After they started to sell booze, the Mafia started to get more violent as the years went on. The Mafia got more violent, because there were other gangs that would compete with each other over territory, and/or drugs. One famous Mafia member was Al Capone. Al Capone was one of the leaders for the Mafia. He was famous becuase Police could never catch him. Al Capone was caught when he was caught for not paying income taxes and was sent to Alcatraz prison.


1920 - Prohibition Begins 1920 - Women given right to vote1929 - Valentines Day Massacre1929 - Stock Market Crashes1931 - Alphonse is Caught 1932- Prohibition Ends

Some of the Mafias greatest accomplishments included:- Distributing alcohol and drugs during prohibition- Al Capone made $60 Million a year in alcohol sales alone.- Scared many citizens of the U.S with their large supply of weapons.- Never spent much time in jail because most of their leaders were hard to catch-Preform secret operations (distributed alcohol in dark allies)

Mafia Families

Some of the most important mafia families were:- Lucchese; Drugs, MFH, Gambling- Bonanno; Heroin Dealing- Gambino; Money Laundering, Extortion, MFH- Genovese; Most Powerful; The Ivy League- Colombo; Olive Oil ; Profaci


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The Mafia In The 20's



1. A code of silence - Never to "rat out" any mafia member. Never to divulge any mafia secrets. Even if they were threatened by torture or death.2. Complete obedience to the boss - Obey the boss's orders, no matter what.3. Assistance - To provide any necessary assistance to any other respected or befriended mafia faction.4. Vengeance - Any attacks on family members must be avenged. "An attack on one is an attack on all." 5. Avoid contact with the authorities.


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