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Madyson glog

August 1848 We have know just pasted Iowa and we are just about to be in Nauvoo. I wish we didn't have to move at all but it wasn't my choice or any of ours. I cant wait until we reach Nauvoo. I know that before we reach Nauvoo we have to go over a river. I am kind of scared but I know I need to face my fears.

The next day We are about 15 miles away. I can't belive we all survived through all of these months. I know that are life isn't going to be the same anymore, but we will try to make it like are old home. I hope we get to have a big celebration for making it here. I like to know that my parents are fine and I know that they are happy to see me alive too.

September 1848 It has been another month, but not just any month a really good month for the mormons. I think we will make a bunch of new friends because there are more than one person that is my age. I think now I will start to go to school and learn more about are tribe. So when I am as old as my mom I will be able to know as much as she does. Plus I could tell amazing stories like she does.


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