Madyson 6255

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Madyson 6255

Feburary 1846 I had to start moving west when I was about 14. I didn't know what to think of all of it. I felt kind of sad because I had to leave a lot of my stuff behind. Let me tell you what I saw on the way to Nauvoo. We saw some snakes, bears, deer, and some pigs. At first I didn't know what a lot of those animals where. I cant wait to see a lot more.

July 1847 We have know just reached Salt Lake City or another name Utah. I just saw a lizard, it was kind of scary at first,but then I thought that the lizard is more scared of me. We have been walking for a while now so I am getting tired. So I need some rest. My ma and my pa where getting tired too. We decided to eat and go to bed. I woke up the next day and I was ready to walk. So I started to walk again. I couldn't imagine for those people who walk all day and night last night.

June 1847 About a week ago we pasted Nebraska. So that means we are closer to Nauvoo. I see something ahead I wonder what it could be. While we are walking and walking we finally reached some slaves. I have never heard of that word until my ma told me. So I wish I could have stped and helped, but we didn't have time too.

Feburary 1846Hello my name is Elizibeth and I am 13 years old. I am going to have to move west soon so I am going to start packing right now. I think I am going to get some extra clothes a blanket and maybe an extra pair of shoes. I have to bring extra shoes cause we have to walk. I hope my mom will tell stories like how we became a mormon and stories about our family. I might start a song, but I don't what song yet. I wish I could have sung before I had to eat. I love the dinner that we where going to have I think it is my favorite. We get to have meet but not just any kind of meet fresh meat. Of course we will cook it before we eat it. I wasn't the only one who like the fresh meat. Before I ate I went to go get on my bed time out fit. That was really just a dress with some shoes. It was sort of like my modern day out fit but I had leggings and I also wear way nicer shoes.


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