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Amanda talks about traditions in Madrid

Guiomar talks about the sights of Madrid

In Madrid there are a lot of monuments like:*”La puerta de Alcalá”: This monument was built between 1769 and 1778. This monument was the first Arch of triumph. It is in the “Plaza de la independencia”. It is one of the most important monuments of Madrid. It used to be at the entrance to the city.*”La puerta del sol”: This is the most important place in Madrid. Here you can find the “Kilometro cero”: this is the point where all the radial roads start. The “reloj de la casa de correos”(Post office): This is the clock that plays the 12 strokes of midnight on New Year´s Eve every year.*The bullring of “Las Ventas”: Here a lot of famous bullfighters like “Manuel Benitez” have fought. It is one of the most important bull rings of the world.*If you are a “Real Madrid” football fan you must see the pitch at “Santiago Bernabeu” or if you are a fan of the “Atletico de Madrid” you must see the football pitch of the “Vicente Calderon”.If you are a Basketball fan of the “Real Madrid” you must visit the “Palacio de los deportes´ in the Community of Madrid” or you go to the “Antonio Magariños pitch” if you are a “Estudiante” fan.*”The Prado museum”: The Prado museum is one of the most important museums of the world. This museum is very important because it has a lot of famous pictures like: “Las Meninas” of Velázquez or the “Jardin de las delicias” of “El Bosco” or las “Hilanderas” of Velázquez.

Marina talks about "El Rastro", a popular flea market

“El rastro” is an outdoor market in Madrid. You can donate your old things and buy things there too.You can buy clothes, plates, TVs, pictures, plants and a lot of crazy things, but you can’t see everything because the street is very long.It is also very cheap- you can buy things that only cost one euro!!!!!!In the centre of Madrid you can find a lot of shops in all the streets, but these shops are usually very expensive.

In Madrid there are diverse traditions and traditional parties like:*The 3 magic king’s parade. It’s celebrated the 5th of January. It starts in ‘El paseo de la Castellana’ and goes to ‘The Cibeles Palace’. At the end, the 3 kings are received with music.*The San Isidro party is celebrated the 15th of May. It originated in Madrid. They pledge homage to the lord of the city. At this party, people wear the traditional clothes of Madrid.*It’s a tradition in Madrid that people and tourists drink water from the Miracle fountain, which has curative powers.

Alba talks about typical dishes from Madrid

The most important dishes of Madrid are:COCIDO: This is the most important one. It is a stew and is composed of chickpeas, vegetables, meat, pork bacon, chorizo and black pudding. CALLOS: is a very important dish of Madrid’s gastronomy. It is a stew and it is composed of cow guts, chorizo and ham.HUESOS DE SANTO: is a very important desert and it is eaten on saints day. It is made of marzipan and they have a sweet centre.ROSQUILLAS DE SAN ISIDRO: it is the most important desert eaten in the san isidro festival in Madrid. Its ingredients are lemon juice, sugar and eggs. They also have icing sugar.



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